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Dear Sirs,

We are glad to see you on the web site of Joint-Stock Company "Rybsudprom".

We express you the gratitude for the interest shown to our company. 

Closed Joint-stock company "Rybsudprom" is registered in Vladivostok. Our business field is designing, organization of financing, construction, re-equipment and repair of fishing vessels of all types.

In the company are involved the leading Russian and foreign experts, who have unique operational experience in designing and construction, financing, management of operation of fishing fleet and re-equipment of vessels.

We shall be glad to see you as clients of our company. One of our main advantages and methods of work is - meeting needs of the regular and potential clients!

Owing to our regular partners we have reached today's success and we hope to develop it in the future. By becoming our regular client, you certainly can count on the most possible favorable conditions of purchase of our goods and services.

Our company invites all interested organizations to the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Designing and construction of vessels

Company is the proprietor of several unique contract designs of vessels. We also are ready to design vessels especially under your order. We have an opportunity to organize financing and the construction, not having analogues on technical and industrial parameters, fishing vessels of the new generation equipped by the unique equipment, using newest technologies in the field of fishing, manufacturing and processing of fish and seafood for highly effective work in the various areas of the World ocean both under own projects, and under projects developed specially for you.

In this direction company bases on the comprehensive analysis of modern tendencies of fishing fleet vessels construction of the last generations, fish resources of the World Ocean, new technologies in the field of shipbuilding, fishing, own perspective developments, and also on partner relations with the leading world designers, manufacturers of the specialized ship equipment, leading shipyards.

Re-equipment and repair of vessels

Regarding re-equipment of vessels we work together with the affiliated diversified company “Asia Pacific Assets Ltd”, recognized by Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping. Company has more than 13 years operational experience in the Peoples Republic of China and annually carries out repair and re-equipment of tens of vessels of various types: fishing vessels of all types, universal dry-cargo ships, tankers, refrigerator vessels, complex specialized vessels. Subcontractors of the company are the largest shipyards and ship repair yards of the State corporation of shipbuilding Peoples Republic of China, which now in terms of quality,  price are  beyond comparison. 

With the purpose of repeated increase in an overall performance of your vessels, Joint-Stock Company "Rybsudprom" is ready to organize financing, to grant the loan and perform complex re-equipment of various fishing vessels under own projects.

Delivery of the equipment

Our company is the proprietor of the significant nomenclature of ВААDER equipment, freezing equipment from the leading world manufacturers and other processing equipment for fishing vessels which is located in our warehouses in China and Korea and which can be delivered to you immediately with the installments of payments.

We also are ready to make sale and installation on fishing vessels of any technological, freezing equipment, fish meal plant, and any other equipment of any manufacturer at the competitive price.

Design, R&D and engineering services

Our company works together with affiliated company recognized by Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping which is one of the largest research and design organization in the Far East. Company is recognized by Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping and has the certificate of conformity of quality management system to the international standard ISO 9001:2000. Works are carried out under orders of the leading shipping companies, ship-repair yards, fishing companies and organizations of Primorskiy Krai and Khabarovsk Krai, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Magadan areas. By the results of carried out in 2003 by the International Academy of Real Economy competition, the company was entitled the rank and the diploma « Leader of regional economy» in the nomination «Innovation in the field of organization and management of ship repair and technical operation of fleet».


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