At the map: with the blue color the Gorky theatre is marked, and with the red color the building of our company. How to get to our office: from the bus stop Laso walk 2-3 minutes on foot to the Gorky Theatre, then go upstairs (the theatre should be on the right side) go through the pedestrian subway and after the city’s government building along the street you can see a five-floors building where our office is. The address is Suhanova street 3А office 403. 

the map of Vladivostok city`s center

Legal Address
690091 Vladivostok, Russia
Semenovskaya st. 29 , room 510
Phone – ( 4232 )  499688
Fax – ( 4232 ) 499687
E-mail :

TIN: 2536151125/253601001
OGRN: 1042503042306
OKPO: 74971593
Account: 40702810400000784701
In OAO AKB Primorie Vladivostok city
BIN: 040502795
Correspondent account: 30101810300000000795