Using of krill stuff

There are 376 patents for krill production in the world today. This fact tells us about high interest to that resource and wide opportunities of its using.

That’s how foreigners use krill

In Japan, they freeze 34% of mined krill, 11% goes for cooked-frozen production, 23% goes for cleaned brit meat and 32% for the krill flour. The outcome makes 80-90% for fresh frozen and cooked-frozen krill, 8-17% for cleaned krill meat and 10-15% for the flour. Years ago they made canned krill meat, now it is mostly frozen blocks. 80% of krill can be a food production, around 20% of fresh frozen krill  used as a feed for pisciculture, and around 100% of the flour for the same purpose.

The FAO’s (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) opinion is: krill is a perspective    object of mining in XXI century. The source of krill is from 3 to 400 million tones per year, which is in average 4 or 5 times more than entire volume of the fish mined in the world. The highest quantity of mining was in past years, in 1982 it was 500 thousand tones and it decreased slowly, in 90-s it was already 100 thousand. The basic and the most effective way to mine brit is trawling that is implementing around the coast of Antarctica.

The perspectives of Russian krill mining

Counting on the source estimation and large international mining experience we can say in advance that the yearly mining volume around 1.5-2 millions tones is totally reachable counting on the technical mining abilities and safe from the point of view of the saving live marine resources requirements. And it is totally clear that in the future decade, because of the population growth and decreasing of the basic sea resources, that is going to be more… 

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